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The Growers Relay Alert Sales System (G.R.A.S.S.) is a series of alerts that notify you when your favorite cannabis grower makes a sale. Every time their product becomes available at a dispensary near you, you will get an email and txt alert.

V.I.P. members will be eligible for early warning notices. Early warning notices alert you to future availability of your selected growers product. 

Whether you are a customer or a grower, the G.R.A.S.S. system is your best tool in finding and following quality cannabis growers. 

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Attention Dispensaries!!!

Want to be part of CropShopz and the G.R.A.S.S. revolution?

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Follow your grower.....

Not all cannabis is the same. So many factors go into the finished bud you purchase, it's almost impossible to get an exact repeat based solely on strain name. 

Your best chance is to follow the grower. is designed to alert you when you favorite grower sells flower to a dispensary near you.


Grow your following....

Wouldn't be nice to have dispensaries begging you for your harvest? To have customers requesting to know when your flower is available and where?

Now you can. Just click the Register menu above and let us know some simple contact information. We will contact you and take it from there. 

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Attention Growers!!!

Want to be part of CropShopz and the G.R.A.S.S. revolution?

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An Uncle Chuck Joint Project

                                *****CONSTRUCTION ZONE*****

This UNCLE CHUCK Project is a work in progress. I am currently in the Concept Phase of the project. I am actively searching for investors who are interested in my idea of connecting growers and customers.

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G.R.A.S.S. Growers 

Legally licensed Cannabis growers are added to the Growers Relay Alert Sales System (G.R.A.S.S.) database everyday. 


 Cannabis customers find their favorite growers using our custom search engine. The customer will then be able to read a brief bio of the grower and if desired, choose to "follow" growers of their choice. 




.....When the chosen grower makes a sale to a dispensary, the follower gets alerted of the sale.


Why I created Cropshopz



      Indica or Sativa is the first typical choice selection when purchasing cannabis. Then comes the Strain name. Everyone has their favorite. But did you know that if you bought the same strain name from two different dispensaries (or sometimes even the same one) your results may vary greatly between the two purchases?

     Two factors influence the way any cannabis plant grows, the genetics and environment.

     Following the strain name will take care of the genetic limitation of your purchase for the most part. That's the genotype.

     However, environmental factors and growing techniques all become major factors in establishing the Phenotype of your favorite strain. Phenotypes represent the physical expression of a genotype. The smell, taste, effect, etc. 


     To follow the phenotype you like more precisely, you really need to follow the grower not the strain name.  

CROPSHOPZ allows you to do that by sending you email and txt alerts when your favorite participating growers sells to a dispensary in your area or your target list.